Prayers to SS. Cyril & Methodius

Patron Saints of All Slavic Peoples


Let us all lovingly extol the divine and faithful Methodius, as a dedicated Shepherd of the Slavs, faithful minister of the Holy Trinity, and fearless warrior against heresy, for he intercedes before God for all of us.


Let us venerate our two Holy Teachers, who, by translating the Holy Scriptures, gave us a fountain of God’s knowledge, from which we abundantly draw to the present day. Therefore, we exalt you, Saints Cyril and Methodius, as you stand before the throne of the Most High and fervently intercede for the salvation of our souls.


SS. Cyril and Methodius, a long time ago, driven by your love of Christ, you converted our ancestors to the Christian faith and provided them with their own Bishop and priests. Now, as you stand before the high throne of the Almighty God, fervently intercede for us, the humble heirs of your glorious Slavic heritage, that the Almighty bless us with pious, dedicated priests and religious, who would be ready to continue your apostolic work among our people for the salvation of their immortal souls. We humbly ask, intercede for us and protect us. Amen.

Prayers taken from the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh Website on SS Cyril & Methodius.