May 24, 2015, Pentecost Sunday

Scripture Readings:  Acts 2:1-11; John 7:27-52

Pentecost and Parish Anniversary Dinner!  May 24 following the Divine Liturgy.

Error in this week’s bulletin.  Sunday, May 31 liturgy is 11 AM.

To assist in helping the people of Nepal, please send your best donation to Catholic Relief Services, who are on site distributing food and supplies.  You can donate on-line, by phone, or by mail.  Information is at this web address:

Parishioners:  Check out the 2015 Events Schedule Page so you can plan to join in on our festivities!

Join us for the recitation of the Rosary every Sunday at 10:25 AM, as we Pray For Peace.    

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We can observe the Fourth Commandment by loving visits to our aging grandparents. (May 26)

Let us invoke the Holy Spirit each day: He guides us along the path of discipleship in Christ. (May 23)

Lord, send forth your Holy Spirit to bring consolation and strength to persecuted Christians.   (May 22)

There are times when God is silent, a silence which cannot be understood unless we gaze upon Christ crucified. (May 21)

God is always waiting for us, he always understands us, he always forgives us. (May 19)

It is better to have a Church that is wounded but out in the streets than a Church that is sick because it is closed in on itself. (May 16)

Dear parents, have great patience, and forgive from the depths of your heart. (May 14)

Why is it so difficult to tolerate the faults of others? Have we forgotten that Jesus bore our sins? (May 12)

Let us learn to live with kindness, to love everyone, even when they do not love us. (May 9)

When we cannot earn our own bread, we lose our dignity. This is a tragedy today, especially for the young. (May 7)

It is good for us to spend time before the Tabernacle, to feel the gaze of Jesus upon us.  (May 5)

The love of Christ fills our hearts and makes us always able to forgive! (May 2)

Amid so many problems, even grave, may we not lose our hope in the infinite mercy of God. (Apr. 30)

Every Christian community must be a welcoming home for those searching for God,for those searching for a brother or sister to listen to them. (Apr. 28)

We Christians are called to go out of ourselves to bring the mercy and tenderness of God to all.  (Apr. 25)

In the Sacraments we discover the strength to think and to act according to the Gospel. (Apr. 23)

We need to care for the earth so that it may continue, as God willed, to be a source of life for the entire human family. (Apr. 21)

Mary, Mother of Sorrows, help us to understand God’s will in moments of great suffering.  (Apr. 18)

The Lord never tires of forgiving us. It is we who get tired of asking for pardon.  (Apr. 14)

We can bring the Gospel to others only if it has made a deep impact in our lives. (Apr. 10)