January 31, 2016 Sunday of Meatfare — Judgment Sunday

Scripture Readings:  Epistle 1 Cor 8:8-9:2; Gospel Mt 25:31-46

Divine Liturgy at 11:00 AM Sunday

Keep your New Year’s Resolution:  Come back to church and experience what you’ve been missing!  Your church family misses you.

  Join us for the recitation of the Rosary every Sunday at 10:25 AM, as we Pray For Peace.

Read Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter on Care For Our Common Home, which can be found on our Encyclical page.

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Mary, Mother of Jesus, help us to share the wonders of the Lord with all whom we meet on the way. (Feb. 2)

As Christians, we cannot be self-centred, but must always be open to others and for others. (Jan. 28)

In today’s society, in which forgiveness is so rare, mercy is ever more important. (Jan. 22)

The Gospel calls us to be close to the poor and forgotten, and to give them real hope. (Jan. 19)

Every Christian community should be an oasis of charity and warmth in the midst of a desert of solitude and indifference. (Jan. 15)

When we entrust ourselves to the Lord, we can overcome all obstacles that we encounter on the way. (Jan. 12)

When the world slumbers in comfort and selfishness, our Christian mission is to help it rouse from sleep. (Jan. 8)

In Jesus of Nazareth, mercy has appeared and lives (MV 1). (Jan. 5)

Let us thank God who is merciful and ever at our side (MV 6). (Dec. 31)

No one can put limits on God’s love, for he is always ready to forgive (MV 3). (Dec. 30)

The mercy of God will always be greater than any sin (MV 3) (Dec. 29)

Let us pray for Christians suffering persecution, often amid the shameful silence of so many. (Dec. 26)

When Christ is your friend, you have joy, serenity, happiness. (Dec. 25)

God is in love with us. He becomes small to help us love him in return. (Dec. 24)