January 25, 2015, 32nd Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee                  Scripture Readings:  2 Tim 3:10-15; Lk 18:10-14

  Join us for the recitation of the Rosary every Sunday at 10:25 AM, as we Pray For Peace.      

Save the date:  Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015, Parish Fasiangy (Mardi Gras) Party after 11 AM Liturgy.  Sign up sheet for covered-dish dinner is in the church vestibule.

FLEA MARKET:  April 25, 2015, in the church auditorium.  We are accepting donations now of household items, jewelry, toys, games, kitchenware.  

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Auschwitz cries out with the pain of immense suffering and pleads for a future of respect, peace and encounter among peoples.  (Jan. 27)
Practicing charity is the best way to evangelize.  (Jan. 24)
Every Life is a Gift.   (Jan. 22)
To my friends in Sri Lanka and the Philippines: May God bless you all! Please pray for me.  (Jan. 19)
 How often we forget to dedicate ourselves to that which truly matters! We forget that we are children of God. (Jan. 18)
We who are Christians, members of God’s family, are called to go out to the needy and to serve them. (Jan. 18)
The com-passion of God, his suffering-with-us, gives meaning and worth to our struggles and our sufferings. (Jan. 17)
The family is the greatest treasure of any country. Let us all work to protect and strengthen this, the cornerstone of society. (Jan. 16)